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My name is Arnold, I run I first met Santa Muerte on a trip to Tijuana, BC and I've been with her since.

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  • Hello all. I'm Niki from Mattoon Illinois
  • Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well today & things are going in their favour.
    My name is Chris & I am UK based very near to the 2nd city of England called Birmingham. Sadly Santa Muerte is hardly known of over here & there is nothing like people have over in the USA or Mexico but that only makes people like me work that bit harder in a way. I first saw her several years ago & well before I had ever heard anything about our lady of the holy death etc & I was to be blunt terrified, I was sure I was about to die. Upon looking into what happened to me the work of David Metcalfe came up & from that I began to put the pieces of the puzzle step down the path lead me to a place where I am very pleased and happy for once in my life. All I can say is though I have only been with her in a knowing way (we are all her children as we all die) many events have happened to me that have made me question myself & the life I am living, most have caused me to take actions that see me in a better place than I would have been to say the least.

    My most great wish is to be able to visit Mexico & pay my respect around Tepito market, to see Mexico with my own eyes not via a PC screen and with her help start something in the UK to spread the word of her.

    I hope all my brothers & sisters are well on this day, peace.
  • My name is Fabian Trevino and and my wife here is Laura Trevino .
  • my name is elena rather be called "chico"
  • Hello all
    I am new working with Santa Muerte
    I say a morning prayer i found online to her
    But is they a special prayer to invoke her 2) I need her help urgently
    What do i have to do
    • Hello - there is no special prayer, just speak from your heart. 2) Ask.
  • Shelly
  • I apologize in advance for the lengthy response but I need your help and you need to hear the full story to understand. Hello my name is Emily and I have a lot of questions. My mother and sister have been working with the Santa Muerte for a very long time, ever since I was in elementary school. I would see the rituals they preformed, the alters for her at the various places we lived, the offerings they would give her and they both even got tattoos of her. My sister got one of her on her foot and my mom shaved a small part from the back of her head and got a tattoo of her that no one could see. I didn't think much of it growing up, they would talk highly of her and praise her and tell me and my siblings that she was a good lady who has done much for us. I have seen her work, she has kept us financially stable, had my mom meet my rich stepdad, find her a new lover, etc. We have been through a lot and thanks to her we have seen much brighter days. I would pray to her when I was little not thinking much of in terms of "magic", just pray to her like I would to God. ( I am a strong believer of God and his plan for me, I praise the religion of Christianity) but as I entered high school, i told my group of friends casually that my mom praises the Santa Muerte and instantly I received negative responses and shock and fear like "that's witchcraft, you're mom is scary, why would she do that, that's like praising the Devil" etc and I replied back with I was joking because I was hurt. Before I go on, I want to add that I have NEVER been a fan of the supernatural, I am utterly terrified with anything that has to do with magic and ghosts, spirits, graveyards, haunted places, the devil, literally anything. God knows growing up that was such a fear of mine, and still to do this day. I hate messing around with that stuff, looking online about it or testing it myself. It scares me so much I just choose to ignore and stay away from it. So as you probably can tell I was scared to death. So I asked my sister to tell me the truth about the Santa Muerte and what she does because at this point I was so scared of her and my mom and my sister. She told me the Santa Muerte can work in any way you want her too and she has done so much for our family, we would not be where we are today without her. But, she also works in bad ways if you want her too like setting curses on my sister in laws who hate my sister and give her hell because they hate her marriage with their brother. She told me they set many spells for my stepdad to never leave my mom because my mom hates him so much but needs his money for our family. There were so many bad things my sister was telling me has asked for the Santa Muerte and I was so mad and upset. Why is she begging for negative things to happen to people? That's so scary to mess with and I was so upset. So since then I decided to stay away from praying to the Santa Muerte and asking her for things. I would not be rude to her, I would just ignore her. I forgot about her honestly, I forgot my mom prayed to her and stuff. Of course I would see her alter my mom placed in my brother's room but I didn't think much of it. This happened freshman year of high school and I am now a senior. So earlier in the year, I saw a facebook post of some girl posting what she found on her brother's ex girlfriend phone and it was pictures of him attached to the Santa Muerte and his picture in the middle of a fire and all this stuff and the girl kept saying it was witchcraft and her and her brothers lives are ruined thanks to the girl messing with the Santa Muerte and all that. So it brought my attention again to the Santa Muerte and I was scared so much. I ignored my feelings of fear but I researched about the Santa Muerte and how she works. I read that you usually have to sacrifice something in order to get what you want. And I sat and thought about my life. My life is a series of never ending bad luck. Everything I do or everything in my life usually ends in misery and I am not even over exaggerating. I can never find luck in love, every single boy breaks my heart and leaves me. I am always struggling financially and I never get a break from bills and I am only 17 and I never have enough for myself enjoyment, all my money from my part time job goes to bills. Every good thing I think is going to happen ends in bad luck. My luck is the worst thing ever, I never have the chances of fate on my side. There is always something wrong with my car and the amount of money I have spent on my car is so sad. It seems like when I have money to treat myself. bills come running to me or my car needs something. And lately this year, I have had teeth problems, my gums kept bleeding and it hurt to eat and drink water. They are better now but it took a while. My hips constantly hurt when I walk and ever since I started my diet in January, the pain in my hips has not gone away. Some days it hurts so bad to walk or run. Random moments throughout my day I feel dizzy or nauseous or so tired with my body, that I just want to sleep all the time. My mother hates the idea of visiting the hospital because I have no insurance and we cannot afford it so we always have to try home remedy. In April, my stomach hurt for a week straight and so she took me to a clinic and the doctor told me I had too much acidity and I have to take these pills. My health is a joke. It could be worse but there are days where its too much to handle. I experience hair loss every day, but to a point where its ridiculous. I literally stroke my hand through my hair and a chunk of hair falls out. I have bald spots in my head and have literally no hair. I always try to stay optimistic about all of this but it was so odd to me that I was experiencing all this. To calm my curiosity, I searched up signs that show I am cursed and to my dismay, they listed everything I was experiencing. Teeth problems, hair loss, health issues, reoccurring bad luck. I was in shock and I thought about who could have done this to me. I thought about my mom and the Santa Muerte. So me and my mom have never gotten along when I was little. We fought all the time, she would say the rudest things to me like she wanted me to die, i was worthless, fat and ugly, I am a bother to this life and family, etc. Every mean thing you could think of, my mom probably told me. She was brutal and she would hit me all the time. Like leave bruises on me, pull my hair and slap my face, push me into walls. Growing up with her was so hard and sad and traumatizing that I hate even thinking about it. I hated her with all my heart. I would pray to God that if she could die so I did not have to deal with her anymore. But, at the beginning of this year, I prayed to God to change my mentality and to give me strength and wisdom to understand why he puts me through things. That one day I could understand the meaning of suffering and the meaning of life. And glory to Him, He listened to me and I now realize why my mother was so mean to me. I was ignorant and I never listened to her, I would talk back and I was so rude and disobedient and such a dumb little girl who didn't understand why my "life sucked" when it was my own fault. To this day, I regret being so mean to my mom who tried her very best at raising us herself through poverty. Me and my mom get along now, much more better than before and we have some sort of relationship now. I love her, I do and I regret ever wishing death upon her, when she was the only person who supported me and my family. But I thought to myself maybe back then she sacrificed my life and luck to the Santa Muerte considering my circumstances with her back then. I was an ungrateful child and I would not be surprised if she sacrificed me. But would she be that mean to mess around with my life in exchange for her own happiness and luck? In all honesty, I believe my mom sacrificed and asked the Santa Muerte to curse me in order for her life to go her way. She is a selfish person who will do ANYTHING in order to get things her way. I love my mom, i do, but she is crazy and has a sad mentality about life and family. She has stole my money, ratted me out, accused me of messing with her rituals to the Santa Muerte for bad luck to her, many things, I forgive and forget because she is my mom but it's sad to think of all she has done to me. About 2 months ago, my mom moved her altar to my room and I was scared about it and she asked me not to touch it or mess around with it and I replied with " I have never touched that thing" and my mom was so mad that I said that. Thinking about it now, it was rude to the Santa Muerte and I have apologized to her because I didn't think about what I said. But my mom said "How dare you to her like that, you better watch what you say and do because she will curse and ground you for being rude to her or doing anything you shouldn't be doing. She will be watching you." And now ever since then I live my life in fear. I don't want to say or do anything that will disrespect her, I don't want her cursing me. ( I probably already am) I ignore her but I respect her and I tell her that everyday. I thank her for what she has done for my family but I politely say I don't want to mess with my future, that I am a strong believer of God and His plan for me. I just hate being in my room because I feel like she watches me. I hate falling asleep or changing or doing anything for in fear of her cursing me.(Her alter is in my closet and my closet literally has no doors and she faces my whole room and bed. My mom has to hide the alter from my stepdad because he find out about it once, he saw a picture of him and her in a bowl of honey and sugar with a red ribbon tied around it and he was so mad at my mom for messing with "witchcraft". Now here are my questions. I mean no disrespect to the Santa Muerte or this forum but I need clarification and answers because I am living my life in doubt and fear. Who is the Santa Muerte? How does she work? Is it possible that I am cursed? How do I ask the Santa Muerte to forgive me and uncurse me? Like I said before, I hate the supernatural and I want nothing to do with it, how do I ask the Santa Muerte politely that I am a STRONG believer of Christ and God's plan for me and that everything happens for a reason and so for that mentality of mine, how do I ask her that I do not want to interfere with my future, so I ask if she could please keep me out of my mom's rituals and spells? There are many things I wish I could ask for like a certain lover or love to come to me, more money, better luck, more positive things happening to me but I choose to follow the path God has layed out for me. I understand why many things have happened to me and why I suffer so I choose to just let things be for my future is in God's hands. I just don't want anything to do with magic and the supernatural and spells and rituals and I really hope She does not take it personal for I have felt so scared of this stuff for a very long time. I just want my life in God's hands. I will continue to respect her and thank her for doing everything she did for my family because undeniably it was her who has helped us during the hardest times of my family's life, but I don't plan on asking her or praying to her for anything. When i grow up I don't plan on praising her or showing her to my kids. With all due respect how do I ask her that? I am scared my mom has cursed me and when I have kids and what not I feel like she will bring on the curse and the Santa Muerte's work to my family when that is not what I want. I feel like because of my mom and sister's constant praising towards her, I feel like my life all depends on the work of the Santa Muerte now. Do things end up that way or do I personally have to praise her? Will Her work affect my life and future as I grow up? When I grow up will my kids experience things from her too? Why I ask this is my mom is very involved with the Santa Muerte, Tarot readings. physic readings and palm readings, and all things super natural. I see her pass things onto my little brother who is my stepdad's son, she rubs him with eggs all the time, has a red ribbon wrapped around his bed makes him wear red yarn and necklaces around him. How do I separate and distance myself from all of this? I want to do it in a respectful way and not hurt the Santa Muerte's feelings. I just want to be left alone and follow God's plan. How do I remove myself from the supernatural world my mom has bestowed upon me and all of my family? I hope you can help me. I want to stop living in fear everyday. I just want to be at peace. Your forum is great and I am so happy I found it. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.
    With love, Emily
    • I agree with @Zela - and recommend you perhaps look toward spiritual leaders which your spirit can resonate with, like a Christian priest or minister. The Santa Muerte has blessed my life tremendously, but I suppose it's all a matter of perspective.
  • I am sorry everyone that I have been in and out-my Father in law passed the 8 of May but we are just only able to bury him tomorrow. He was very special to all of us-I will tell you all about him one day but for now, please accept my apologies for not being too regular on here. Please know though-Santa Muerte has been so present throughout his transition making herself known in the peace of his passing!!
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