Red Cloak Santa Muerte Magick

Did you successfully petition the red cloaked aspect of the Santa Muerte? What did you petition her for and how did you do it? Do you have any advice for working with this aspect of her energy? Any prayers or devotions dedicated to the Santa Muerte in red? Any questions about petitioning her?

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  • My husband first saw Santa Muerte mentally in a green robe. But when I brought home the vintage fashion doll who would become my red-cloaked Santa Muerte, he had a very visceral, sensual, positive response to her. He has a crush on her! She flirts with him and sends little messages to him (through me). She is also the "robe" who guides me in my interpersonal relationships. I'm on the spectrum, and she is teaching me to be more friendly and open-minded; if she keeps working with me, I just might actually gain a real friend or two. She's not just about romantic love and sex; she is the great teacher of how to show compassion and how to care about others. She is the one who can keep a household or workplace running smoothly. She likes jewelry, and my statue wears her robe open on one shoulder. She likes "gourmand" fragrances, which is a scent category that is subliminally tasted as much as it is smelled. She likes blackberry vanilla, lemon sugar, and anything with amber in it. She's the one who will go into the backyard with my husband when I banish him to smoke his cigar outside.
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