• My Mother, My Lady, My Holy One, Santisima Muerte I ask you to help me better to pay attention to the spirit guides, my ancestors who have definately been contacting me and I have ignored their help, their love, their attention, not maliciously of course but because I got so caught up in this world. Santa Muerte teach me again, the things that are important, things from our other world, the most important. Santa Muerte, my beautiful one, my holy Mother, I also ask that you help My Son who is ill, allow him the Peace that he requires to finally and fully become whole again. Santa Muerte, I promise to devote my time to you and will work on the Botanica for my home town if my mind was clearer and relieved from my son, so that he can be more independent and live well, without me worrying and having to ask for intercession. Heal him and I will concentrate. In all of this I ask this petition to reach you, and I make this contract with you my loved one. In this I ask in Jesus name. Tama Bell, your daughter and servant of Jah.
  • I havent really asked her for anything. I just want to get to know her and talk to her. Since ive found her when i just talk to her i am filled with an unexplainable feeling of warmth and goosebumps in my body. Its a satisfying fulfillment.
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