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  • I've had a few dreams about Her since I started venerating Her!
    Here they are so far, along with their interpretations:

    1st dream (April 19 in the evening): I was cleaning out the future altar space of unnecessary items and washing white roses intended as an offering

    Interpretation: She is giving me the go-signal to start my devotion and She admires my enthusiasm in working with Her, despite the fact that I didn't have the complete tools at the time.

    2nd dream (April 23 in the evening): The 2nd dream I had about Santa Muerte was right after my mother scolded me for misplacing my late grandmother's earrings and I couldn't sleep because I was anxious, so I prayed to Her. She appeared in my dreams as three statues, in black, red, and white robes each, with red being the most prominent.

    Interpretation: Santa Muerte is showing her 3 basic colors to me, with the red one representing a need to fix familial bonds.

    3rd dream (May 10 in the evening): I was repairing a broken Santa Muerte figurine. The robes were brown.

    Interpretation: I was so tired, I fell right asleep without turning off the lights or being able to pray to Her. This dream serves as a reminder that I must maintain my spiritual connection with Her and pray daily.

    It could also just be a reference to the other night where I received my 5-inch Santa Muerte figurine from the mail and I had to repair the broken scythe handle with super glue.

    4th dream (May 11 in the evening): I was covering images + the figurine of Santa Muerte with a white cloth. She was in black robes. But She doesn't stay covered and I keep covering her.

    Interpretation: She is telling me that She doesn't like being covered or hidden. Or it could just be a reference to me covering Her images when I'm dressing or leaving my room for the day. (the altar is in my bedroom and I live with my parents)

    5th dream (May 12 in the evening): I was in an elementary school classroom, there are no chairs but there are statues of saints and religious figures on the sides, Santa Muerte included. Four of Her statues are prominent: white, yellow/gold, red, rainbow. A girl about 11-years old shows me the rainbow Santa Muerte statue, shakes it gently, and says She’s filled with raisins and black beans. I am given raisins and beans to give to my own Santa Muerte.

    Interpretation: She is showing me possible colors I can work with. Since I already have a figurine of Her in black robes, She’s still suggesting the white and red ones, along with yellow/gold and rainbow, with rainbow being Her best bet. She’s also telling me I should try giving Her raisins and black beans sometime.
    • Beautiful experiences - thanks for sharing!
  • At the moment I haven't seen her or feel her near me at all I hope one day I will... I'm telling my self she protect me from lots of crazy stuff that been going on... I just believe she only hearing my petition right now but haven't seen any answers. But I do have bubbles in my cup of water
    • Thanks for sharing! Not every devotee feels intense presence. As a Taurus, and someone very grounded in the Earth, I feel Santa Muerte's presence whenever I land a new client or close out an invoice. Everyone's relationship with Santa Muerte is deeply personal.
    • Do youu knoo when it will change to when I can talk 2 her or see her ?
    • Nobody knows.
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