Gold and Silver Cloak Santa Muerte Magick

Did you successfully petition the gold or silver cloaked aspect of the Santa Muerte? What did you petition her for and how did you do it? Do you have any advice for working with these aspects of her energy? Any prayers or devotions dedicated to the Santa Muerte in gold or silver? Any questions about petitioning her?

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    • I'm actually just beginning this week to work with a new statue (I rehab vintage fashion dolls to use on my altar), who is pregnant AND wearing a robe of money cloth. She's a precious and beautiful darling; she was badly damaged in shipping and took extra loving care to get ready. Hubby and I are absolutely smitten with her, including her crooked legs, weird neck, and patchy hair. She is carrying our prayers for a new job for my husband. She has a vibration of love and service which is so beautiful. We'll see if she can break the year-long logjam and find my hubby a fulltime job at age 61.
  • I started out with the three "original" robes: white, red, and black. But lately I've been feeling drawn to some of the more unusual depictions of Mother Muerte. For instance, there are images dressed in money. I use vintage fashion dolls as the foundations for my altar statues, and I recently found some cloth with US currency depicted on it. I'm waiting for the right doll to sew a set of "money robes". I also have a pregnant doll coming soon. Even though I'm much too old to have children, I see this type of image as being "pregnant with possibilities" for things like getting a new job or moving to a new place. I'll probably dress Her in pink. There is also a Pieta style of statue where She is holding Jesus' body, similar to the statue by Michelangelo. There are statues where She is riding a horse. There are statues where She has wings. Each of these images has a specific "meaning", but it seems to me that people usually buy them because they are emotionally drawn to them, and not necessarily for specific purposes.

    I do have an image of a gold Santa Muerte in a gold picture frame on my altar. It has a very friendly feel. No extra money yet, but there's always enough, and as the old saying goes, "Enough is a feast."
    • I've had great success with Santa Muerte money magick. I've notice that even though I'm always worried about money, I always seem to have just enough for what I need. That, in and of itself, is quite a blessing. Thanks for sharing!
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