• The new discussion board topics are great! It's a wise intuitive decision to categorize by the robe colors.
    • Thanks - and thanks for the wonderful post you shared in the black cloak discussion board!
  • I do prayer and meme translations from Spanish to English on Facebook. I could put them here too.
    • That would be cool! I created a memes and pics board:
      Santa Muerte Pics and Memes
      Share your images and memes of the Santa Muerte here.
    • Oh that is a great idea. I love all the prayers in Spanish, but we do need things translated both ways, I feel.
    • That might be tough - not all members will speak both languages. I think we should see how the group develops - but thank you so much for the input and welcome to the group!
  • Perhaps we should have topics divided into areas where we can share things like: recipes that we have had success with working with Santa Muerte with (candle dressings, oils, spells ect.), so like a "share area or board" then an area where we share "experiences"? One I have yet to see is a board where there is actual formal teaching and/or a board for an online type of 'devotee church' in the sense that people can gather and each week have a time of prayer ect together. A mass together?
    • I like the "experiences" suggestion: I'm not sure how the logistics would work on a weekly type of gathering board, how would it work to you? I'll probably create a board for each of her color aspects - white, black, red, etc. Anything else you can think of? Or tweaks?
      Personal Experiences
      Has the Santa Muerte answered your petitions or protected you from harm? Have you been seeing her in your dreams and experiencing other signs of her…
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