Black Cloak Santa Muerte Magick

Did you successfully petition the black cloaked aspect of the Santa Muerte? What did you petition her for and how did you do it? Do you have any advice for working with this aspect of her energy? Any prayers or devotions dedicated to the Santa Muerte in black? Any questions about petitioning her?

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  • The black cloaked Santa Muerte was my first, and is still my primary experience of this great being. I was surprised when She began appearing to me in this form, because in my limited knowledge, I thought that this was the "bad" Santa Muerte who cursed people and dealt revenge. She told me later that She appeared in black because I have worked as a hospice chaplain, and that She could be Death Herself around me without causing fear. I've seen literally hundreds of lives come to their end, and she is the essence of that very last moment when the light goes out of someone's eyes.

    Though I have statues in the three original robe colors on my altar -- black, red, and white -- and I'm even dressing a statue in money cloth right now, the center of my altar is Mother Muerte in a black cape with skull patterns, looking just as she first appeared to me.

    This aspect is a "bhairavi" or terrifying deity, similar to Tibetan Buddhist deities who are described as wrathful, or as dharma protectors. Like the followers of Kali, I believe that the love underneath the terrifying facade is the most intense of the various robes. I relate Her to Ekajati Tara (a variant of the loving mother goddess of Tibetan Buddhism, and whose name means "one ponytail" because when she pulls her hair back, it's so that she can kick evil's butt without her hair getting in the way!)

    Of my various Santa Muerte statues, that I have constructed from heavily modified fashion dolls, She is the one with cadaverous white skin, a serious frowning face, a stance somewhere between regal and condescending, and the traditional scythe and owl.

    For me, She is the essence of compassion. But I'd hate to be Her enemy.
    • Very close experience to mine there Kate, I first saw her in black one day right in front of me & I was terrified to say the least. Over time & learning I now accept her 100% when she comes as "La Nina Negra" & since I added some items to my altar of her in this form my dreams have really taken off & she comes to me quite a lot when I do dream in this form. I had to learn from the Internet she isn't to be scared of when she comes like this. I agree with you fully & couldn't say it better.

      Have a good day.
    • Another great post - very interesting take on your personal relationship. This is the kind of stuff I think beginners should see, about how personal every relationship with Santa Muerte is.
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