• I’m a beginner with her. She came in my dreams and when I started focusing on her I felt this warm glow spread trough my heart. I felt her nurturing energy feed me directly. That’s how I knew it was good.
  • Hello again ive got a question for alot of the devotees who have La Santisima Muerte in their lives at the moment,what is the true purpose of having a relationship with the most Holy death,and how is she loving and compassionate?
  • Hello all, I would like to see more information about skin sacrifices to Santa Muerte but did not see a place appropriate for it.
  • Hello everyone! I just stumbled across this beautiful site an hour ago, it definitely wasn’t by accident! I have been experiencing unexpected messages and dreams since the passing of my father in January. It’s hard to explain how much I have opened my heart and mind to what we cannot see. I look to Santa Muerte for comfort now, for the first time in my life because I believe things actually began to change for me when my Abuelita passed a year before my Dad. We lived 800 miles apart and my dad didn’t take her passing well. He did not share her faith and was fearful of her alters and “black magic” so he asked me to clear her room. I was happy to help and although I couldn’t even tell you what all the tiny statues or trinkets were I knew they were offerings and intentions so I treated them with respect. I took home a couple doilies a Rose quartz and 50 cent piece with the intention of making a small alter for her. Looking back I feel like I’ve done something bad, taking these items. It’s hard to explain. Anyways I am beginning my research into her prayers and and trying to understand why I’ve been drawn to her lately. That’s how I found this site. I understand that most of the faith comes from word of mouth and it’s usually taught by family. Sadly I don’t have any family left on my Dads side. If anyone is willing to help me start a proper alter or point me in the direction of good books or websites, it will be greatly appreciated. I need to remedy this situation with the taken items. My intentions were to keep the faith alive, because I knew my father would not. I want to keep the family tradition of devotion alive, as I know it’s what got my Grandparents safely across the border. Sorry in advance for rambling, I am just so excited to have found you and to seek her out.
  • Hello everybody, I am very captivated by Santa Muerte, I feel very drawn to her and called to her. I have the book "Grimoire of Santa Muerte - spells and rituals of most holy death, the unofficial saint of Mexico by Sophia digregorio" My faith lies with the Catholic Church and the Catholic faith and even though I know that the Catholic Church condemns her, I don't think there is anything wrong with honouring Santa Muerte as a valid Saint. In the same way, in angelology, there is an angel of death called Azrael, it follows that there be a Saint for death too. Nothing wrong with death, its necessary and a vital and inevitable part of life. I would like to know that if I approach her spiritually and mystically, and honour her in my life, would that conflict with the Virgin Mary? I ask this because I am very devoted to the Holy Mary, and wouldn't want a relationship with Santa Muerte to compromise or hurt my bond and relationship with the Virgin Mary. I would also like to ask if whether Santa Muerte being in my life and me honouring her would hurt my faith in God. I would also like to ask if whether or not the Virgin Mary co-operates with Santa Muerte, and if they share a relationship between each other and if they approve of each other and get along and like each other. Thank you.
    • The Santa Muerte turns nobody away - even those who choose to work with the Virgin Mary.
    • Welcome! I would not be concerned about Santa Muerte conflicting with Our Lady. As an eclectic Christian (and retired Methodist minister with strong Anglo-Catholic tendencies -- a lover of "smells and bells"), I understand Santa Muerte to be a saint according to the wonderful ancient description: a "servant of God". As God's servant, Santa Muerte must love God's mother, you know? I have a cool pendant necklace that has Our Lady of Guadalupe on the outside and Santa Muerte on the inside. And there are many images that dress Mother Muerte in La Guadalupe's clothing. I would give them separate altars (although they are often displayed together). But I would always assume that Mother Muerte will support your devotion to Our Lady, as a servant of God assisting the Co-Redemptrix.
    • This is a fantastic and beautiful reply. Thank you! I have never heard of Santa Muerte being referred to as a 'servant of God.' This is wonderful for me to read. I really love Santa Muerte in a dark way! I have heard that to keep her alter just for her and that in the beginning to establish a relationship before asking things from Her. These are my intentions. God bless you.
  • I would say yes. I use white candles for pretty much everything. I often write my intention on an inexpensive white glass candle.
  • Is white an ALL purpose candle? Like can i ask her for wealth or legal matters to do with cpurt with the white candle?
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