• Hi ive heard that if you've petitioned to la Santisima Muerte that when you light the candle but blow it out later on due to not wanting to burn the house down or anything,your petition wont be answered,is this true?
  • Hi ive heard that when you get your Santa Muerte statue you must bless the statue with Holy water and siete machos to not let any negative or evil spirits into the statue itself,i havnt got any siete machos because i live in the UK,even tho its online i dont really want to pay for that much money due to import charges and such,so what can i use other than siete machos? Or can i just use holy water istead by itself,or eveb florida water with it
    • For what you describe, yes, Florida water would work well. You could also pass the statue through the smoke of a spiritual incense.
    • Ive got rose water too
    • Would frankincense do or copal?
  • Hi ive recently just gotten back into looking at working with Santa Muerte again,and i looked at this video of a women who said that Santa Muerte doesnt work with for everyone,meaning that she chooses people who to work with. Ive worked with her twice but i never had the basic knowledge to work with Saint Death,so ive never seen any miracles perform from her due to me being anxious about everything whilst trying to figure out on how to work with her. Is it true that shes chooses people to work with? Or can you work with her like how you would normally work with a Saint? And also can she help you with psychic abilites? And if so what colour do i use?
    • Bobby - the tradition of Santa Muerte is a tree with many branches. I'm sure you will find many well meaning devotees with their own take on how the Santa Muerte should be venerated. Here is what I know for sure - you will one day die, just like me, and just like everyone else on this Earth. Every breath we take gets us one step closer to our eventual meeting with Santa Muerte, which we have all been guaranteed. It stands to reason, then, that a relationship with Santa Muerte can neither be given nor taken away from any living person. It is your birthright to work with and form a relationship with Santa Muerte, and nobody can change that. I encourage you to explore and experiment as you journey on your spiritual path. The aspect of Santa Muerte associated with psychic powers is the purple cloaked Santa Muerte.
    • I agree with Arnold. Mother Muerte has at least a potential relationship with every living thing. She has indicated to me that since She was present from the moment of creation since, as She told me in the only exact sentence that I ever heard audibly from Her, "All things which come into being must one day cease to be:", Her presence is in all places, times, and things. I'm a rosary maker, and I've recently noticed a big uptick in people looking into the devotion to Santa Muerte, which happens twice a year around Good Friday/Easter and Halloween/All Souls. And a lot of people are being drawn to Her purple aspect. I never used to have anyone ask for that color of rosary. Now it's my third-best seller (after protection and money-drawing). Bobby, it sounds like you are right on track and flowing with the current of Her devotion right now. Love Her, talk to Her with your heart, make Her a separate little place in your home. I started with a framed photo and an LED candle (frame and candle both from Dollar Tree, then a keychain that also cost me $1), and She has never left me. I've seen miracles in my life (surviving EIGHT strokes within about a year, anyone? And still hand-chaining rosaries too.) She welcomes all sincere devotees. She's waiting for you too.
    • And im very sorry for all of these questions like,but are you very sure she'd help me? Im just worried she wont thats all like
    • Questions are why I built this place. Ask all you like.
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